A meeting of the State office-bearers of the BJP will be held here on Friday to decide on the position to be taken by the party in municipalities and panchayats where party’s stand will be decisive in the election of chairpersons and presidents respectively.

As of now, the party’s stand will be critical in five municipalities and about 15 village panchayats. An informal meeting of leaders of the party here on Thursday generally favoured a stand against extending support to either of the ruling or Opposition Fronts.

However, the party will have to reckon strategic implications and possible dissentions within the party at the local level before deciding on the issue. Besides, even neutral stand of the BJP will decide which front will have control of a few panchayat and municipal bodies.

The meeting will also review and analyse the performance of the party in the elections to the local self governments.

The newly-elected members of panchayat and municipal bodies will be sworn in on November 1. The election of presidents and chairpersons will follow.