The recurrent downpour here was not a dampener on the festive spirit on the eve of Id-ul-Fitr on Tuesday as the town witnessed heavy rush of people making last-minute shopping on the final day of the month of Ramzan in preparation for the Id celebration on Wednesday.

The day that ended the 30-day fast also marked the culmination of the hectic shopping spree in the town over the past week with people rushing to the town, especially to buy new clothes to be worn on the day of the Id feast. While textile shops were the major destination of the shoppers, electronic shops also drew large number of people as they announced various offers during the Onam-Ramazan season.

Busy parts of the town, especially Fort Road, Station Road and Caltex Junction had been witnessing traffic gridlocks over the past few days as a result of the heavy rush of shoppers coupled with badly damaged roads. Snarls being experienced by the people on the roads were the only downside of their festival-time enthusiasm. During rush hours vehicles moved bumper to bumper as major roads further narrowed by parked vehicles. Hawkers also occupied much of the footpaths as they sold items ranging from readymade dress materials to footwear to mehndi tubes.

Major attraction during the Ramazan season was the food stalls along the road from Thayatheru to Kannurcity as people of all faiths flocked to these makeshift kiosks during night time to enjoy things to please their palate. People visiting these stalls went to taste a variety of eatables from the traditional Malabar Muslim cuisine and some cocktail of exotic soft drinks mixed with grated ice and ice-cream, among others.

Over the past two weeks, hardly a day passed without one or the other organisation in the town holding Iftar parties.

As the evening set in on the eve of the Id-ul-Fitr, chicken stalls and meat shops drew people buying meat for preparing special food items, especially biriyani, on the day of the feast celebrating the end of the month-long fast. Textile shops and grocery shops in the town also remained open till late night on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the police are also on the alert to ensure that there is no law and order problem from festival time revellers. Police personnel will be deployed on the Payyambalam beach and other picnic areas where people throng in large numbers on festival days.

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