The Kerala High Court has upheld a sessions court order allowing the police to conduct a DNA test on Bitti Mohanty, a rape convict who was arrested by the Kannur police.

He was rounded up on March 8 ,while working in one of the branches of the SBT in Kannur as a trainee officer allegedly under a false name, Raghav Raja, on charges of impersonation, forgery and cheating.

Dismissing his petition,Justice K. Harilal observed that the order for conducting DNA test could not be term as unconstitutional.

He contended in the petition that the police had not had any material or evidence to prove that he was Bittihotra Mohanty.

Asserting that he was Raghav Raja and not Bittihotra Mohanty, the petitoner had contended that the permission to do a DNA test on him would not serve any purposes, as the police had not kept or collected the DNA details of the so called accused Bitty Mohanty.Nor any DNA test could be conducted on former Odisha DGP and his father B. B. Mohanty or any of his relatives without their permission as they were not an accused in any case.

In a statement, the police said that the Thaliparamba police which was probing the case had got sufficient evidence to prove that Bitty had impersonated as Raghav Rajan and secured a job in SBT, forging all the certificates. He was same person who obtained parole while undergoing imprisonment in a rape case and later jumped the parole.His father, Bidiya bushan Mohanti had also identified him through photos and visuals.

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