Elaborate arrangements have been made to monitor restaurants, hotels and other food businesses within the State and also the inflow of food items from outside the State during the festival season, Health Minister V.S. Sivakumar has said.

Special surveillance squads had already been deployed for the purpose in all districts. Checking had been made more stringent in the border check-posts of Amaravila in Thiruvananthapuram district, Aryankavu in Kollam district and Meenakshipuram and Walayar check-posts in Palakkad district, the Minister said on Sunday.

Large quantities of milk from the neighbouring States reached Kerala on account of the increased demand for milk during the Onam season. The quality of all brands were being strictly checked and special arrangements had been made by the Food Safety Department, in association with the Dairy Development Department, to check the quality of milk in all check-posts and in main cities.

Food colours

It had come to the attention of the Health Department that large amounts of sweets and candy with added artificial and dangerous colours were also coming into the State from neighbouring States. Public should exercise caution when consuming such items which might have dangerous colouring substances.

The Minister said the Health and Food Safety Departments were prepared to meet any emergency situation regarding food safety during the festival season. All labs which analysed food would function during Onam holidays also.

Any food-related complaints might be informed at the toll-free number of the Food Safety office (1800 425 1125). More details are available on the website www.foodsafety.kerala.gov.in.

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