Two fall sick after eating shawarma

Food safety officials on Friday ordered to close down Hotel Sindhoor Palace at Kowdiar after two persons, who had shawarma from there on Thursday evening, were hospitalised.

Vishal, 10, was admitted to the Government Hospital, Peroorkada, on Thursday night after he started vomiting “an hour or so after consuming shawarma from the hotel.”

The boy’s mother, Asha, filed a complaint with the Food Safety Department at 11 p.m. on Thursday. Ms. Asha said that a group of three—the boy, a family friend and herself—had visited the restaurant on Thursday evening.

“He found a bug in the meal and at first I thought he threw up on the sight of that. But his condition worsened and the doctor said it was a case of food poisoning,” she said, adding that they had brought the incident of sighting the bug to the notice of the waiters and had received a cash refund.

Sreejith S., 27, their family friend, who also had shawarma with them, was admitted to the Government Medical College Hospital (MCH) here on Friday evening.

A relative, who was at the hospital with Sreejith, said though he was unwell from Thursday itself, he did not seek medical aid. “But as he started feeling weaker, he agreed to be taken to the medical college on Friday,” said the relative.

Sources at the MCH said that Sreejith was recovering but needed to take rest to regain strength.


Vishal was discharged on Friday night. “The doctor suggested that we keep him longer, but because of the overwhelming presence of cameras and media persons I thought I would take him home. I may have to take him to the hospital again as he is still unwell and vomiting,” she told The Hindu over phone.

Ms. Asha said she had also eaten shawarma and felt a slight discomfort afterwards.

The hotel would remain shut, until the necessary changes were brought about, food safety officials said.