The flood situation continues to be grim in the Upper Kuttanad region and other low-lying areas of Thiruvalla taluk with the flood waters started receding from the upper reaches of the district on Thursday.

Flood waters started receding from the upper reaches of the district with a respite for monsoon spell on Thursday.

The Niranom-Duk Farm Road, Kadapra-Theveri Road and Chathankary Road have also been submerged in the flood waters, badly affecting the mobility of local residents on Thursday.

Scarcity of potable water is another problem faced by the local residents of this flood-hit area as a good number of wells have been polluted with flood waters. Water supply through the pipelines of Kerala Water Authority too has been irregular, leaving the hapless people at the receiving end.

Unofficial reports from the affected areas show that the flood has damaged many human dwellings constructed on the fringe areas of paddy fields in Upper Kuttanad.

Destruction of standing crops, especially banana trees, is another major cause of worry to the peasants in the region.

The swollen Pampa, Manimala and Achenkovil continued to breach their banks on Wednesday, flooding many residential localities, roads, agriculture farms, etc, in the river basin.

Vallamkulam-Kuttoor-Thiruvalla Road which has been used as the main alternate route to divert vehicular traffic from the Vallamkulam is bady damaged due to waterlogging and lack of repair for the past several years.

Many roads in Upper Kuttanad have been lying submerged in the flood waters since the past few days.

Many parts of the villages of Kadapra, Peringara, Mepral, Niranom, Chathankary and Muttar continued to be flooded and power supply to certain areas too remained disrupted for the third consecutive day on Thursday, according to local residents.