The city can now boast of the country's first automated driving test centre and vehicle fitness testing station.

The centre was inaugurated at Chevayur here by Minister for Transport and Electricity Aryadan Mohammed on Friday.

The automation of the testing process will facilitate efficient and transparent testing of candidates aspiring for a driving licence, as compared to the present manual testing station. Though various vehicle manufacturers have implemented similar systems in their factories, this is the first time that the Motor Vehicles Department of a State is using this.

“Since no tampering is possible in this new system, only the deserving will pass the driving test. Also, only vehicles in perfect condition will be given the fitness certificate,” said Mr. Mohammed.

The automated driving test centre uses an innovative overhead video-sensor-based technology. In order to get Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) driving licence, the candidate should drive the vehicle on the ‘H,' ‘gradient,' and ‘parking' tracks and clear each of them.

The new technology eliminates human intervention and improves the driving test accuracy while storing the test video as a proof of test and provides path graphs, speed graphs, and analysis reports. The system was implemented by two Hyderabad-based companies, Nipun Net Solutions and Softx Technologies. The automation of the vehicle fitness testing centre will help streamline the periodic fitness testing of motor vehicles. This system is aimed at phasing out the manual tests.

Testing will be done on various parameters such as speed, noise level, wheel alignment, suspension, brakes, and headlight. Keltron implemented the fitness testing system with machinery provided by Snap-on, a U.S.-based manufacturing company.

“Drivers can see the results in real time through computer monitors placed beside the equipment. The entire process of testing can be finished in 15 minutes,” said Abraham R.T., deputy manager, Keltron.

The Minister said an automated testing centre in Kannur would be inaugurated next month. The government had plans to open similar centres in Ernakulam, Thiruvananthapuram, and Thrissur in the current financial year. “An amount of Rs.3 crore has been allocated in the current budget for this project,” the Minister added.

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