“It is important that everyone associated with a film knows all the necessary details before the shooting starts,” said Romanian filmmaker Adrian Sitaru, at ‘In Conversation’ organised as a part of the 16th International Film Festival of Kerala, with film critic Rada Sesic.

Sitaru is a jury member for selecting the best debut director for the Hassankutty award. His film Best Intentions was screened at the festival.

“There is no recipe for a good film. A good script does not necessarily lead to a good film,” Sitaru said. Every young filmmaker should try to write good scripts and plan the production effectively so that shooting in a low budget should not be a problem, he added.

“It is hard to tell an ordinary story in an extraordinary manner,” he said. His films sought active audience who can interact with the film. “I shoot my films in the point of view of any subsidiary character so that the audience gets a better understanding of the film, he added.

Sitaru said that his films were universal. “I try to speak about human behaviour through my films, so that audience across the world can relate with it”

“Awards are necessary to increase the self-esteem of a director. But for me, winning awards has not helped in finding producers for my films,” he said.

He added that producers in Romania prefer commercial potential of films over quality in content. “There is no strong film industry in Romanian. It is hard to make money from filmmaking,” he said.

When asked whether he was interested in directing Indian films, Sitaru said, “I will never say no to anything if it is challenging. It helps you grow as a filmmaker.”