The Air Intelligence Unit of the Customs and Central Excise Department on Wednesday seized 30 kg of ephedrine, a pharmaceutical product commonly abused as a narcotic drug, from the check-in baggage of a South African national who boarded an international flight to Qatar from the international airport here.

Customs enforcers identified the suspect as Elder, 30, a resident of Johannesburg. She had arrived in the country in 2012 on a student visa and had been residing in New Delhi. Elder had flown down from New Delhi on Tuesday to catch her flight to Qatar and from there to South Africa. According to enforcers, an anonymous person had handed over the drug to the suspect at a lodge in Thampanoor.

Enforcers found the drug concealed inside small boxes containing wigs for women.

Investigators said they would produce Elder before the court on Thursday.


Meth abuse drives ephedrine smuggling April 18, 2014