The annual Padayani festival at the Bhagavathikunnu Devi temple at Elanthoor, near here, came to a close with the ceremonial Valiya Padayani on Sunday.

A performance of Bhairavi kolam and a procession of various types of Padayani kolams were the major attractions of the Valiya Padayani.

The procession was held to the accompaniment of rhythmic Padayani verses, torchlights made of dry coconut palm fronds and traditional percussion (‘thappu').

Different types of Padayani kolams, including Ganapati, Pakshi, Yakshi, Anthara-yakshi, Maya-yakshi, Arakki-yakshi, Maadan and Marutha, were performed at the festival.

The Sree Devi Padayani Sanghom, organisers of the Padayani festival, made masks of tender palm spathes and fronds, Sanghom secretary Dileepkumar said.