Scarcity of eggs will be acute in the coming days if the ban on the commodity is not lifted by the State government. The ban was imposed by the State on the eggs and poultry coming from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka a few days ago.

E. John, a wholesaler in Kochi, said he had temporarily shut down his shop in view of non-arrival of the commodity. The situation resulted in immense loss to the industry in Kerala, he said. Kerala was getting about 60 loads of eggs from Tamil Nadu. Each load has 1.5 lakh eggs. He said the eggs and poultry being brought from Tamil Nadu were certified by veterinary doctors. Only broiler chicken and eggs for incubation purpose were brought from Karnataka, according to him. Pointing out that bird flu was reported in a farm in Karnataka a week ago and the authorities there had taken steps to destroy the affected product, he said the ban on eggs from Tamil Nadu would make little sense.

The poultry industry in Tamil Nadu is also incurring huge losses on account of the development.

About 120 loads of eggs are awaiting clearance at the check-posts and there is every chance for a considerable portion of the commodity perishing. The price of eggs is bound to shoot up due to the ban, said P.M. Sankaran, president of the Bakers Association Kerala. Bird flu was detected in a farm in Karnataka and eggs had not been banned either in Karnataka or Tamil Nadu, he said.

The ban has posed problems for the bakery sector as the egg is an important ingredient for many items in the sector. Any increase in the prices of eggs due to the ongoing ban will have an adverse impact on the sector which is getting ready for the Christmas season, he said.

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