The first Edakka training course in the State began at Nheralath Kalasramam at Angadipuram in the district on Saturday.

As many as 15 students took the percussion musical instrument in their hands and began reciting the lessons given by Sreedharan Peringode and Subramanian Peringode.

“There is no other institute in Kerala offering training in Edakka, the only percussion instrument on which you can render songs,” said Nheralath Harigovindan, son of legendary Sopanasangeetham maestro Nheralath Ramapoduval.

Among the students learning Edakka in the special Edakka Kalari set up six feet below the ground level at Nheralath Kalasramam are a four-year-old child and a 45-year-old man. There has been no community, caste or sex bar at the Kalari.

The classes began after the students placing their ‘dakshina' at a sacred place where the Edakka of Nheralath Ramapoduval has been installed.

The students watched video presentations depicting the glory of Edakka. The secrets of preparing and using the percussion instrument used for Sopanasangeetham were unveiled before the first Edakka learning batch.

There were 32 applicants for the maiden course. The number of students was curtailed for convenience of learning and teaching. Classes will be held at 9 a.m. on Sundays.

Mr. Harigovindan said that the Kalasramam would begin classes in ‘Vaypatu' from May 23. Pradeep Panikkar would lead the classes, he said.

Those wishing to learn Edakka may contact the Kalasramam on the phone 9947910706.

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