Sherry, director of Malayalam film, ‘Adimadhyantham’, which triggered controversy after its removal from the competition section of the recently concluded 16th International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) , has said that the decision to exclude the film from the competition section has been motivated by a strong opposition to what he calls the ‘parallel’ and alternative stand it presents in defiance of conventional ideas about film-making.

Speaking at a meet-the-artiste programme organised by the Press Club here on Wednesday, Mr. Sherry said that the lame excuses made for the exclusion of the film from the competition segment was unheard in the history of the film festival. He said the film was a new initiative that challenged the conventional concepts of film-making. He also alleged that the film festival had been controlled by professional volunteers who had tried to suppress the protest by him and his supporters. Attempts were also made to drag him in fabricated cases, he added.

Referring to the charge that ‘Aadimadhyaantham’ was removed from the competition section because it was allegedly found to be an incomplete work, he said that it was unheard of that a film was removed from any film festival on the ground that it was incomplete. Stating that he had demanded a judicial probe into the circumstances leading to the exclusion of his film, he said that the speech of Minister in charge of Cinema K.B. Ganesh Kumar at the valedictory function of the festival was an indication of the real motives that led to the removal of his film from the competition section. The Minister had given clear indication in the speech that the IFFK would be different from next year onwards, Mr. Sherry said adding that the subaltern films such as the one he had made would not be screened at the IFFK next time if the Minister’s plan was implemented. To a question, Mr. Sherry said that the film would reach theatres in January.

P.A. Rasheed, producer of the film, was also present at the meet.