Sees UDF crumbling under the weight of its contradictions

The second day of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) plenum here on Thursday resolved to organise large sections of the people and political groups disenchanted with the United Democratic Front (UDF) and its government to help the Left Democratic Front (LDF) increase its political base and make it an alternative to the ruling front. “The right wing anti-people policies and the contradictions within the ruling UDF will dismember it and bring down its government in the near future in the State,” the resolution said.

The differences among the UDF partners had come out openly. Its neoliberal economic policies had affected the State and big sections of its people, it said.

At a press conference to explain the political resolution and the discussions on the organisational report, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, party Polit Bureau member, said, “There should be a change of government in the State as the present government cannot be allowed to continue with its anti-people policies. To bring such a change, the secular and democratic forces that are opposed to the UDF should be organised under the LDF. The coming Lok Sabha election will be a platform for it.”

He said the CPI(M) wanted the 10 per cent of the population which took an independent issue-based political stand to be brought over to the LDF side to repeat the electoral victory it had notched in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections.

Asked if the CPI(M) would join hands with the Kerala Congress(M) to topple the UDF government, Mr. Balakrishnan said though the LDF was not for toppling the government through defection, it would welcome parties that came out with the political stand that the LDF stood for saving the State from misrule.

He said that on many earlier occasions, the Kerala Congress groups had been part of the LDF and shared power. So there were some common ground between the LDF and those groups. But how it would lead to a realignment of political forces in the State could not be predicted now.

To a question about “severe criticism” against some senior leaders of the party by the delegates during the discussions on the organisational report, Mr. Balakrishnan said there was no criticism against any individual leader. The plenum was not for that but to discuss the organisational weaknesses of the party.

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