Joint initiative by Nabard, Kudumbasree Mission

The Kudumbasree Mission and the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Nabard) are jointly floating producer companies to support producers in agriculture and animal husbandry sectors in the State.

The proposal was to create a chain — from production to marketing — in these sectors. The companies would be floated to promote the goat farm in Kannur, Ksheera Sagaram in Idukki, collective farming in Malappuram, Saphalam Cashew products in Kasaragod, and Nutrimix at the State level.

The producers in various sectors of farming would be brought together to float the companies to make marketing easier and ensure a good price for their products. This would help reduce the distance between producers and consumers too, sources said.

The companies to be registered under the Producer Company Act, 2002, needed at least 10 entrepreneurs. The main aims of the companies was production, harvest, procurement, quality assurance, strengthening the bond between producers, market operations, and value-addition. It would provide seeds, fertilizer, farm equipment, and the service of veterinary doctors. The bank would provide loans. It had been decided to give up to Rs.25 lakh as loans to farmers who intended to float the companies, sources said.

Mission Executive Director K.B. Valsala Kumari inaugurated a seminar here in connection with the formation of the companies.

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