Terms charge of breakdown in law and order ‘baseless’

Minister for Home Ramesh Chennithala on Friday described the Communist Party of India (Marxist) State secretariat’s statement on the law and order situation in the State as “baseless” and “misleading”.

Addressing a press conference here, Mr Chennithala said the CPI(M) State secretariat had picked up murder cases caused by social and family discords in its attempt to depict a dismal law and order situation as part of its attempt to divert public debate on the impending doom the party would face after the Lok Sabha election results were out.

He said the elections were conducted in a fair and peaceful manner. He said in each and every case that the CPI (M) had listed out to substantiate its charge, the police had taken effective and quick action in bringing the accused to book. Even in the case of the recent murder cases in Attingal and Kothamangalam, the police had arrested the accused within hours. In the Kothamangalam case, the police had cast the net to capture the main accused, while another accused was already in police custody. Since January this year, there had been only two murders that had political undertones. In Ezhukone, a CPI (M) worker was killed allegedly by RSS workers and in Mathilakam, a person was killed on mistaken identity. The police had already arrested CPI (M) local committee secretary Ramadas in connection with the case.

Mr. Chennithala said the police had been efficient in not only investigating cases, but also committing them to trial that had led to convictions. He said the preventive action taken by the police against anti-social elements and gangsters had paved the way for peaceful elections. The government was determined to put down all mafia gangs without mercy to ensure protection to the life and property of the common man.

It was unfortunate that the main opposition coalition should make such misleading statements. The party leadership had conveniently overlooked the fact that the elections were conducted in a peaceful manner. In politically volatile Kannur, only 14 poll-related violence had been recorded as against the 200-odd cases during the 2009 polls.

He said the police had acted promptly to prevent escalation of violence between SDPI and IUML workers in Taliparamba As of now, the area had returned to normality owing to the proactive steps taken by the government. He expected the CPI(M), as the main Opposition party, to function in a more responsible manner. On his part, the Minister said he was not averse to considering any positive suggestions that the CPI (M) might have to improve the law and order situation.

With regard to the election results, Mr. Chennithala said he was sure the UDF would win more number of seats than last time mainly owing to the absence of any kind of anti-government wave. If anything, there was strong opposition to the CPI (M) and its brand of politics, Mr. Chennithala said.

In reply to a question, he said he did not believe that votes could be transferred large-scale in favour of one or other of the candidates.

“But several parties had made such attempts in the past and I’m not sure whether they pulled it off this time with any success,” he said.

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