A change in laws or the style of functioning of the law-implementing agencies alone will not suffice to stem the rot in the value system of society, Defence Minister A.K. Antony has said.

Referring to the rape and murder of a young girl in New Delhi recently, Mr. Antony said he was for stringent laws as was being advocated. These amendments would be brought in without delay, he said and added that the Justice Verma Commission had been asked to file a report.

He was inaugurating the 136th Mannam Jayanthi celebrations at Perunna on Wednesday.

Mr. Antony said such dastardly acts had to be fought in a concerted manner. The mood of the people had been reflected in the response to the incident and it should be an eye-opener for all. Women were unsafe in society, at the workplace, and even in their own homes, Mr. Antony said. “Even the chains have gone crazy,” he said.

He sought a ‘big push’ in the fight against ‘rot in values.’ The fight cannot be left to the legal system or law-implementing agencies alone, he said calling upon political parties, social, and community-based organisations to join hands.

Speaker G. Karthikeyan said the public outrage had turned a new leaf in the political annals of the country. The youth of the nation were on the streets much before the political parties took it up. A new generation which had no ideological obstinacy had emerged, he said adding that it had pitfalls as the struggles could easily turn into anarchy.

The disconnect between the youth and the political leadership had brought out the fact that the current political leadership had filed to read the minds of the generation, he said.

Mr. Karthikeyan said human rights activist should not interfere in ensuring justice to the victim.

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