Karayi Rajan, member of the Kannur district secretariat of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), who was acquitted by the Special Additional Sessions Court (Marad Cases) on Wednesday in the T.P. Chandrasekharan murder case, had been charged by the police for taking one of the alleged killer, Shijith aka Annan (6th accused), to the Koothuparamba cooperative hospital. This was at 10.30 a.m. on May 5, 2012, a day after the RMP leader was hacked to death at Onchiyam here. Shijith had accidently cut his hand while hacking Chandrasekharan at 10.13 p.m. The police had said that Rajan had taken Shijith in a car (KL-39/3332) to the hospital in Kannur. He had also been charged with concealing the existence of a design to commit the murder.

In the case of acquitted E.M. Shaji (23rd accused), secretary of the Kallamala West branch, CPI(M), the police had charged him with procuring a mobile phone SIM card through V. Vijesh (a prosecution witness who had turned hostile) in the name of his mother and that he had entrusted the SIM card to K.C. Ramachandran (8th accused ), member of the Kunnummakara local committee of the CPI(M), with the intention of aiding and facilitating the murder of Chandrasekharan. Sarin Sasi, (56 accused), president of the Kannur unit, Students Federation of India, who was set free, had been charged with the crime of taking P.K. Kunhanandan (13th accused) to the Madayi area committee office of the CPI(M).

Others acquitted are P. Ajesh aka Kajoor (15th accused); C.M. Sunithan aka Suni (32nd accused); Suresh aka Babukutty (34th accused); Shobi aka Thomas (35th accused); N. Roshith (38th accused); C. Rajan (40th accused); K. Kumaran (43rd accused); P. Valsalan (44th accused); P.C. Lalu (45th accused); K. Anil Kumar (46th accused); V. Rageesh (47th accused); T. Shimjith (51st accused); P. Shamjith (55th accused); K. Ashokan (57th accused); V.P. Shijeesh (59th accused); K.K. Mukundan (75th accused); and P. Dhaneesh (76th accused).

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