The speed of trains entering the Kollam railway station from the Perinad side and leaving the station towards Perinad has been increased to 50 km per hour from 15 kmph.

Since the entry speed has been increased, it will be risky for passengers and vendors to alight or board the trains while they are in motion through the platform course. Crossing the tracks is also risky. Passengers should not be under the impression that the trains will maintain slow speed while entering the platform as it was the case earlier.

According to Railway officials, since electric engines are being used, the train can be brought to a quick halt even if the speed is 50 kmph. Similarly, within seconds of departure, the engine will be able to attain a speed of 50 kmph. It means that, through a good portion of the platform course of the Kollam station, the train will be running at 50 kmph. Improvements brought to the signalling system and tracks made Railways take the decision to increase the speed.

However, the speed for the trains that enter the Kollam station from the Thiruvananthapuram side and leave towards the same side will remain 15 kmph because of the sharp curve between the SP Office level crossing SMP Palace level crossing.

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