Nearly one-third of child births in Kerala are done through Caesarean section, which is more than three times the national average, claims a study.

The study points out that one-third of deliveries in the state are done by Caesarean section, much higher than the national average of 8.2 and the maximum justifiable rate of 15 per cent recommended by the World Health Organisation.

It noted that in many cases, caesareans are performed on demands by the family so that the delivery occurs at an auspicious time. Though it’s mandatory for hospitals to report to local bodies on details of deliveries, including whether a caesarean is performed, such data is not analysed at the hospital or by doctors, the study claimed.

Further research on the high caesarean rate in Kerala, its reasons and consequences needs to be undertaken, the study, conducted by the Centre for Socio Economic and Environmental Studies (CSEES), Kochi, a research institute, pointed out.

It said about nine per cent of total reported marriages in Kerala takes place in the age group of 15-17, which is below the legal minimum age. There are no marriages below 15 years in the state.