Women should change but good men should speak up against the violence and and make a change in society, says dancer and social activist Mallika Sarabhai.

“It is because good men have been silent that these other men have not been shamed. The good men should stand up and publicly tell them that their acts of violence are not a sign of manhood but of cowardice, Ms. Sarabhai said.

The gender parks were all about changing the mentality of both men and women. Mothers had a huge role to play in bringing up their sons more humane and sensitive, she pointed out.

Ms. Sarabhai was interacting with the media on Wednesday, on the eve of a performance she is putting up with Elizabeth Sombart in the city, titled Women with Broken Wings, as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations being organised in the city on March 8 by the Department of Social Justice.

There is a sudden consciousness about issues of violence against women in the country after the Delhi incident but since a long time, she had been very concerned about the seriousness with which the media and society were treating these issues, she said. Women with Broken Wings is a humanist project launched by Elizabeth Sombart, musician, to raise global consciousness on the violence committed against women by men. She conceived it as a virtual memorial on the web for the billions of battered, bruised, and brutalised women all over the world, who remain faceless, whose families continue to feel isolated, and are still re-living every single day, the horror of what their daughter or sister went through.

“Everyone has memorials… soldiers killed in war have memorials. The one billion battered and bruised women have no memorials .Playing The website, www.womenwithbrokenwings.com, was created so that the families of these women can connect to each other. Anyone can go to the website and put a picture or a star in the name of one of these women…so that eventually it will be a sky full of stars saying I miss you,” Ms. Sarabhai said.

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