The BJP has petitioned the Election Commission seeking the postponement of by-election in Kannur Assembly constituency.

BJP State president P. K. Krishnadas said in his petition that the by-election should be postponed because of the complaints about the electoral rolls and controversies surrounding the enrolment of voters.

The State president said that the manipulation of voters list had taken place in the Kannur constituency on an unprecedented level. About 4000 voters who had voted in the last elections had been removed from the rolls. Most of them were eligible voters.

Besides, about 22,000 applications had been filed for enrolment of new voters and half of them had been included in the voters list. This was a record, and the level of manipulation was unprecedented in the State. Both the ruling and Opposition fronts had made planned attempts to enrol voters. This could not be countenanced as the attempt was to undermine people’s verdict.

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