The BJP has decided on its candidates for the panchayat and municipal elections in most of the wards and divisions.

The decisions in this respect have been made at the local and district levels. Formal announcements, however, will come only later.

The party is focusing on local development in the elections and will be trying for electoral understandings with disgruntled elements from the ruling and Opposition fronts. It will also be canvassing support of various social groups.

A meeting of the office bearers of the party is scheduled for October 16 in Kochi for assignment of election work to State level leaders and for planning the campaign.

Party Spokesman George Kurian said that the party would be fielding candidates in all areas where it has a presence and organisational set up needed for the campaign. It was waiting for the announcement of the elections to finalise its programmes.

It had already initiated the campaign at the local level and would be stepping up the campaign in view the announcement of the elections on Tuesday. (The polling is scheduled for October 23 and 25).