The constabulary is likely to revamp its beat system, writes G. Anand

Conventional police beat books may soon be a thing of the past in the city. The city police are likely to replace them with passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) devices.

The constabulary is also likely to revamp its beat system to include more areas.

The RFID devices will replace beat books placed in residential areas and in front of key offices such as the Reserve Bank of India. Policemen and women walking the beat will carry battery-powered devices that will activate the electronic beat books at the press of a button.

Officials say the police will also liaison with private companies providing security to flats, banks, and ATM counters to create a network of informants that can potentially augment its criminal intelligence gathering system.

In the background of a daylight bank robbery in Attingal, the city police have asked banks and financial institutions to augment their security systems, by setting up surveillance camera-linked burglar alarm systems linked via phone to police control rooms.


Attingal best municipalityJune 1, 2013