The State government is all set to come out with a Mobile Incident Capture Platform aimed at furthering the application of m-governance for effective and transparent administration through the participation of the people.

The project, which has been included in the State government's 100-day programme, is expected to assist also in the upkeep of law and order. The Kerala State Information Technology Mission (KSITM) will be the nodal agency for the implementation of the project.

“The trial run has been done and the platform is all set for launch. It can be rolled out once the decision is taken at the government level,” Information Technology Department sources told The Hindu on Monday.

As part of the project, KSITM and MobME Wireless Solutions, a telecom solutions company, have jointly developed a platform that will facilitate citizens to bring any incident, which they feel should be brought to the notice of the government, via Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). In a State on the verge of achieving tele-density, this could be a powerful tool.

“MMS service availed of under the project will not attract premium rates but the normal charge for similar service levied by the service provider used by the citizen concerned,” sources said. Under the project, citizens can capture images on their mobile phones of crime scenes or suspicious or illegal activity, tag the message with any suitable title and send it as an MMS to a pre-designated e-mail id.

While a dedicated g-mail ID was created for the purpose, it was changed later to a government domain for security reasons.

The MMS from citizens will be forwarded in real time to the Internet-based platform developed for the project. Police personnel in charge of the project will be able to access the MMS images using the user ID and password given to them.

The message so received would be forwarded to the departments concerned based on which appropriate action would be initiated. The officials concerned will be alerted of the receipt of a new MMS though a SMS. Besides, citizens sending the MMS will also be given an acknowledgment through SMS.