Remnants of ancient cave and earthen pots were discovered while clearing soil for laying platform for constructing a house at Kinanur-Karinthalam locality close to Nileshwaram town near here.

The remnants and the earthen pots were recovered in the plot owned by one K Ambunhi residing at Attakode Omacheri locality in the Kinanur-Karinthalam grama panchayat on Saturday last, sources here said.

The caves that reminds of existence of ancient ‘gotra’ culture, has a big cavity around which smaller cavities leading to different directions could be found, eyewitness account says.

The semi-circle shaped caves have a height of one-and-a-half metres, length of more than two metres and width even greater than that. The caves were found to have been covered with stone slab while the roof of the cave has small holes to enter light into it.

Several earthen pots, most of them broken, with various sizes and shapes, were recovered from inside the cave.

There had been ample evidences of existence of oldest ‘gotra’ culture around Kinanur-Karinthalam locality near Nileshwaram town during the excavations carried out at nearby Umichipoyil and Thalayadukkathu with the discovery of similar caves of earthen pots in 2002 and later.

Authorities are reported to be informing the State Archaeology Department officials.