Excerpts from actor Innocent's memoir to be included in a school textbook

After winning the Lok Sabha polls as an LDF-independent, Malayalam film actor and humorist Innocent has earned another credit with the Kerala government including excerpts from his memoir he penned when he underwent treatment for cancer in a school textbook.

Innocent, who survived cancer just a few months before he plunged into the electoral arena, jotted down his experiences as a patient in the memoir titled Cancer Wardile Chiri (Smile in the Cancer Ward).

A part of this book has been included in the Malayalam textbook for Class V of the Kerala State syllabus this academic year.

The memoir, replete with humorous undertones, narrates how he bravely fought cancer and survived the most painful phase of his life with a positive outlook.

The excerpts are included in the section “Chiriyum Chinthayum” (laughter and thought) in the textbook.

Innocent’s lucid and simple narration provides an insight into the trauma faced by him and how he overcame that painful phase in his life by persistently refusing to be despondent.

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