All arrangements are in place at the Munchilottu Devastham at Kizhakkumkara here for the Kaliyal Muchilottu Perunkaliyattam (grand ‘theyyam' festival) to begin on January 31.

The ‘perunkaliyattam' was being held after 16 years and various preliminary rituals would be completed soon, organising committee president K. Venugoapal Nambiar said here on Tuesday.

The six-day festival would begin with a traditional ‘lighted-lamp' procession from the Madiyankoolom Kshetrapalaka temple.

The procession would be followed by the rendering of the ‘Muchilottu Bhagavathi' thottam (hymns associated with the presiding deity).

Various ‘theyyams' would make appearances on all days during the round-the-clock festivities.

‘Pulloornan theyyam,' ‘Kannangattu Bhagavathi,' ‘Raktha Chamundi,' ‘Vishnumoorthy,' ‘Vettakorumakan,' and ‘Narambil Bhagavathi,' would enliven the precincts with fiery performances.

The enactment of the ‘Muchilottu Bhagavathi theyyam' at 1 p.m. on February 5, the concluding day of the grand festivities, would be the highlight of the festival.

‘Sneha Sandesha yatras,' formal house visits to invite people to the event, had been received with warmth by the people, Mr. Nambiar said.

Various cultural and art events would be held on the sidelines of the festival, he said. members of the organising committee were present with Mr. Nambiar.

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