Workers of the bars for which the government had refused licences at the start of this financial year would stage protests in front of the collectorates in each district on May 14, the CITU said in a statement here on Friday.

The CITU said nearly 20,000 workers had lost their jobs when 418 bars across the State closed shop.

Hotels attached to these bars too had lost business, rendering more workers jobless. Three workers had committed suicide.

The schools were to reopen shortly for the next academic year.

The workers would not be able to find money to bear the expenses of their children’s education.

The CITU alleged that it was not because of any objection to people drinking alcohol that the government had withheld licences to 418 bars, but because the ‘sum’ expected from the bar owners had not reached the pockets it should have reached.

The five star hotels were all dispensing liquor to its consumers.

Furthermore, liquor sales flourished through the outlets of the Kerala State Beverages Corporation. Spurious liquor too was available all over the State.

It was meaningless to claim that by denying licences to a few bars, liquor sales would come down in the State, the CITU said.

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