The Kerala Biodiversity Board today strongly came out against the move of the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee to allow genetically modified Bt-Brinjal in the country holding that GM seeds would not only pose a health hazard to humans but also destroy the eco-system and bio-diversity.

The GM seeds also would not result in high yield, an argument put forward by the advocates of GM seeds, Board Chairman V S Vijayan told reporters here today.

The nod for introduction of Bt-Brinjal by the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee was taken in haste, he said. Agriculture being a state subject, the States should have been consulted before taking a decision, he said.

Professor Vijayan said the Board would ask the Kerala government to bring in legislation to prevent entry of 'GM seeds' in the state. It would cause irreparable damage to the environment and biodiversity, he said, adding there were also reports that it could cause health problems to humans, he said.

'India should declare a moratorium on GM seeds at least for 50 years. Let us watch the progress of this technology in other countries and its after-effects. What is the hurry in introducing GM seeds in India,' he asked.