A tribute from C.V. Gopalakrishnan, former Special Correspondent of The Hindu to G. Kasturi, former Editor, who passed away in Chennai on Friday:

The last thing I expected on Saturday was the shock that hit me right on the front page of The Hindu with the news of the passing away of Mr. Kasturi.

I joined the paper in 1964 when I was 37 but I stayed on till 2002 when I was 75. I am still around, 10 years later. It was a very long innings which not many editors and employers would give their employees. But Mr. Kasturi did not believe that there could be any sense in retiring their employees at any age. He believed “ripeness is all and the best is yet to be.”

I am happy that I could live up to his expectations. There are far too many recollections and I would have to write a long history if I am to record them. Suffice to say that The Hindu has become a part of my life.

Mr. Kasturi helped me to become a daring journalist and I cherish very well how he stood by me when I was becoming cheeky in my reporting and was never afraid of anyone in authority. He had given me a valuable assignment in almost every country around the world including the Soviet Union.


A giant of journalismSeptember 23, 2012

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