The Congress on Thursday said the death sentence handed over to 26/11 convict Ajmal Kasab sends out a message to all the perpetrators and masterminds of terror.

“It is a horrendous crime that Kasab had committed on 26/11 and the court judgement is an appropriate conclusion” of the judicial process, Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari told reporters outside Parliament.

Kasab was sentenced to death for the 26/11 terror attacks by a special court in Mumbai.

“It will send out a message to all the perpetrators and masterminds of terror that if they attempt to wage a proxy war against India then not only they would meet with resolute force of the Indian State, the Indian judiciary process will also react to it appropriately,” Mr. Tewari said.

Congress spokesperson Jayanthi Natarajan said it was a “tremendous achievement” for the Indian judiciary that free and fair trial was conducted and Kasab was given an exemplary punishment.

“The heinous crime he has committed, including waging a war against the people and killing so many of our countrymen and women, is something we can never forget or forgive Pakistan for,” Ms. Natarajan said.

“It is a matter of pride for India that our judicial system is so transparent and so competent that such an important trial completed in one year,” she said.

Welcoming the sentence, Mumbai Congress MP Sanjay Nirupam said the attacks were not only aimed at Mumbai but the whole India. “After this verdict, Pakistan should also take strict measures against terrorism.”

Mr. Nirupam said the whole exercise should not be prolonged in mercy petitions and Kasab’s death sentence should be executed as soon as possible.

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