State Janata Dal (Secular) president H.D. Kumaraswamy on Tuesday attributed Karnataka Janata Paksha president B.S. Yeddyurappa’s present political predicament to his refusal to “adjust” with others and take more people into confidence. He said this during the debate on the State Budget in the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday.

Praise for schemes

Appreciating what he called “pro-people” programmes launched by Mr. Yeddyurappa, when he headed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government, Mr. Kumaraswamy on Wednesday, argued that the differences between the JD(S) and the BJP had helped Congress come to power in the State.

“Had Mr. Yeddyurappa adjusted with us, he would not have faced any problems,” he said. By digging up dirt against each other, both of us got caught in a legal wrangle, he said. This had resulted in Mr. Siddaramaiah, who did not do anything while in the Opposition, becoming the Chief Minister, he added.

Mr. Yeddyurappa launched programmes such as Suvarna Bhoomi and Namma Grama Namma Raste, but could not implement them to his satisfaction because of non-cooperation of BJP leaders. “Had you taken us into confidence, you would not have been in the present situation,” Mr. Kumaraswamy told Mr. Yeddyurappa, turning to the latter.

Referring to the former Speaker Ramesh Kumar’s (Congress) statement that Mr. Yeddyurappa, who claimed he would rule the State for the next 20 years, had to vacate the Chief Minister’s post within three years, Mr. Kumaraswamy said: “Had we not fought each other, you [Congress] would not have come to power.”

However, later in the day, apparently realising that the choice of the word “adjust” might send the wrong signal, Mr. Kumaraswamy clarified that he had not said that Mr. Yeddyurappa should have “adjusted” with the JD(S) even if they had made mistakes. He had only suggested that the Opposition should have been taken into confidence, he said.

On astrology

In a lighter vein, Mr. Ramesh Kumar said Mr. Yeddyurappa had taken “calculated risks” by listening to the advice of astrologers, unlike Mr. Siddaramaiah who did not believe in astrology. At this juncture Mr. Kumaraswamy butted in to say that he too did not believe in astrology. Referring to various “isms” being attributed to political parties such as secularism, communalism and casteism, Mr. Kumaraswamy said he did not believe in “isms”. “The goal of every political party should be to feed the hungry and make them self sufficient,” he said.

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