Construction activities for setting up of primary infrastructure of the Central University of Karnataka, one of the 15 new Central universities established by the Centre, is expected to commence by July.

Project management consultants and architectural consultants have been selected and agreements signed. Campus building constructions of the first phase were expected to begin soon, Vice Chancellor, A.M. Pathan told reporters.

The university, launched last year and temporarily functioning out of the Gulbarga University building was expected to have some of the administrative work and classes operational at the new premises by July next year, he said.

Around 620 acres of land at Kadaganchi-Suntanur villages on the Gulbarga-Waghdhari Inter state Highway in Aland have been identified by Karnataka government and handed over to the University for campus development.

The Central University of Karnataka is one of the 15 universities that were set up during the Eleventh Plan period to increase access to quality higher education by people in less educationally developed areas which have a graduate enrolment ratio of less than national average of 11 per cent.

Gulbarga region was zeroed in for setting up the universities as it was one of those with low graduate enrolment ratio, he said.

The University which currently has 43 students enrolled in five ongoing courses expects the number to go up to 200 by 2011-12, he said.