It's an inconspicuous little condiments store on the extension of Bull Temple Road, simply called the Jolada Rotti Angadi. The standout feature though is the authentic north Karnataka fare that is a favourite with the young and the old.

For over two decades now, Sanjay Benkipur, an electrical engineer by profession, has been treating the residents of Basavanagudi to his mother's special recipes of chapattis and rotis — masala jolada rotis, akki rotis, ragi rotis and methi chapattis.

A Rs. 20-plate includes a serving of three varieties of curry and pickle with one roti (which is definitely not sufficient, but you can ask for more). The curries are unlike anything you would have tasted before. Different varieties are made at different times of the day. The ‘enne badanekayi palya' (a brinjal curry) is quite the favourite, and is made twice a day while the ‘soppina palya' and ‘kaalu palya' alternate each day. Apart from this, several varieties of chutney and pickles, rare to find in the market, are also prepared here.

In the evenings, several rice dishes are also served — tomato rice, sambhar rice and more.

The store, however, is only the sales outlet of the eatery. The food is prepared in the garage of Sanjay's house, right around the corner. “Every day, a fresh batch of chapattis, rotis and curry are made from 6 a.m. up until 10 p.m.,” says Sanjay. Only ‘paddus' (another north Karnataka delicacy) are made inside the store.

Health-conscious customers will find Sanjay a storehouse of knowledge about the benefits of each ingredient that goes into his dish, helping them to pick the right meal. “The corn rotis are good for cooling the body. We make it completely oil-free. And, since there is no sugar content in corn flour, it is also good for diabetes,” he informs.

What's a meal without desserts to end them? There's Dharwad ‘peda' (made and brought in from Dharwad), ‘antu unde', ‘Belgaum kunda' and the popular ‘shenga holige'.

Jolada Rotti Angadi undertakes catering services for special occasions. Call: 26770811.


Paper PlateJanuary 13, 2011