“Beware of parties that sow seeds of poison”

Launching a blistering attack on the Bharatiya Janata Party, UPA chairperson and AICC president Sonia Gandhi on Saturday cautioned people against political parties that sow the seeds of poison in their minds in the name of religion and caste.

“Their only aim is to capture the seat of power … to come to power they would do everything and stoop to the level of making false charges against the UPA government,” she said at a divisional-level Congress workers’ rally here.

Ms. Gandhi, who did not mention either the BJP or the names of any leaders of the party in her 25-minute speech, said people should be wary of these forces, identify their real face and never allow them to gain a foothold in the country. She charged the Opposition parties with not acknowledging the achievements of the UPA I and II. “Will they [Opposition] be ever pro-poor and would they protect the interests of the poor?” she said.

“We are not bothered about power and our main concern has been to open new avenues in the fields of education and employment for youth, eradicate poverty, and provide an opportunity for all sections of society to lead a decent and honourable life.”

She sought to know the track record of the Opposition parties on the issue of corruption.

“I need not talk about corruption which saw the end of the BJP rule in Karnataka,” she said.

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