The country is looking for a strong leader like Narendra Modi to steer the fortunes of the nation forward and establish a clean image internationally, said former Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar on Tuesday.

He was launching the padayatra here, which would reach Bangalore soon to join Mr. Modi’s rally.

Mr. Shettar said the people of the country yearned for a change and it was evident from the overwhelming response that Mr. Modi had received so far.

All sections of society are in favour of Mr. Modi to assume charge as the next Prime Minister and “repair” the damages made to the country by the UPA regime, he said.

Mr. Shettar accused the UPA government of indulging in corruption. Stating that the spiralling prices of commodities had put the lives of people in jeopardy, he said the rally had been termed as ‘Bharata Gellisi Abhiyana’, meaning help India win.

Mr. Modi’s win was tantamount to the country’s victory, he said.

NaMo brigade

On the ‘NaMo’ brigade, which was visiting villages to tell people about the need to usher in change in the next elections and make Mr. Modi the Prime Minister, he said it was a youth organisation comprising volunteers.

They are not BJP workers, he clarified.

The coupons being distributed among workers to enable them to attend the Modi rally in Bangalore had exhausted and there were demands for more, including from certain other political parties, Mr. Shettar said.

Party leaders M.P. Appachu Ranjan, S.A. Ramdas, C.H. Vijayashankar, G. Madhusudan, Tontadarya, Maruti Rao Pawar and a large number of party workers were present.

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