In an apparent attack on ruling BJP in Karnataka, Governor H R Bhardwaj today gave a call to the people to save the State from “malpractices”.

“We should build a powerful society in Karnataka and save the state from malpractices. Malpractices destroy every system,” said Mr. Bhardwaj, who is under attack from the BJP for sanctioning prosecution of Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa in alleged land scams.

The Governor was speaking at the National Voters Day celebration organised by the State Election Commission here.

“Democracy does not sustain on individuals but strong institutions like the constitution and the Election Commission. Weak leaders, weak managers are a passing phase,” he said.

Mr. Bhardwaj, who has been been described by BJP as “agent of the Congress”, asserted that he was hundred per cent committed to the rule of law in democracy.

Taking an indirect swipe at Mr. Yeddyurappa, he said, “Consensus is democracy, respect for each other is democracy.

All of us are fallible as human beings. This does not mean there is no cure, no conciliation. So long as I am here, I will go by consensus, mediation, conciliation. Nothing personal to me.”

“Politics is like a railway compartment where people who get in, do not want others to get in,” Mr. Bhardwaj said.

He said the imperatives for democracy are enshrined in the constitution laid down by stalwarts like Babasaheb Ambedkar. “However, many people do not believe in what is enshrined in the constitution”.

On the controversy regarding the office of the Governor, Mr. Bhardwaj said “now there is a debate regarding my own office.

Constitution is the key by which we are all governed. Whenever there is abrasion of law, democracy; constitution has come to the rescue.”

Highlighting the necessity to follow the law of the land, he said “every game has to be played according to rules of the game. Rules are necessary.”

In an indirect reference to the Karnataka government, he said rulers like Krishnadevaraya loved their subjects and they never exploited them and added “they loved their praja (people). But one must remember whatever you sow, so shall you reap.”

Mr. Bhardwaj said he had introduced a number of electoral reforms during his stint as the Law Minister, “though people think that I am not well-versed in law. That is a controversy that exists in democracy.”