An estimated Rs. 5,000 crore has been saved by the people in the State since Sakala services were introduced to hasten the process of issuing various government-related documents, the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms (DPAR) has said.

The DPAR, which is overseeing the implementation of 447 services across 45 departments/agencies under Sakala, believes that applicants saved up to Rs. 200 per visit to the departments or agencies. The base cost of Rs. 200 per visit has been arrived at by including daily wage, transportation cost and food. The bribe money that an applicant may have had to pay has not been included for calculation.

“Earlier, an applicant would visit government offices between six times and 10 times to secure a document. Now with Sakala, the savings per person per day has been higher,” said DPAR Principal Secretary Shalini Rajneesh.

Based on the number of applications disposed of so far, the DPAR has calculated that about Rs. 5,000 crore has been saved as these departments have been able to clear 40 million applications under Sakala.

The average delayed disposal was a meagre two per cent while the average rejection was just four per cent. Apart from this, she said, the State had introduced a record number of services, while only two out of 12 States had more than 100 services.

The savings could be much higher once Sakala is introduced for the over 1,000 services in all government departments and agencies.

Despite the rigorous implementation of 447 Sakala services by the State government in 45 departments, there are 28 agencies in 18 departments still outside this flagship programme.

“Many important departments have not given their approval to be brought under Sakala. We have reminded them about it,” she added.

Owing to the success of Sakala, the Union Ministry of Personnel and Training has now sought the assistance of the State government in chalking out a Citizens Charter Bill to be tabled in Parliament soon.

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