City spared of unscheduled load-shedding

While the city itself has been spared of ‘temporary’ unscheduled load-shedding, the rural areas, taluks and towns coming under the Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation Ltd. (CESC) have not been as lucky. They have been facing power cuts of up to two hours since Thursday.

Due to disruption in electricity generation at the Raichur Thermal Power Station (RTPS), the thermal power plant of Udupi Power Corporation Ltd. (UPCL) and the Bellary Thermal Power Station (BTPS), there has been a shortfall of about 1,390 MW in the State, of which about 500 MW goes to the districts under CESC, according to sources at the company here.

“However, the shortfall reduced on Friday, as power generation returning to normalcy at RTPS. Currently, we are facing a shortfall of 130-150 MW. By Monday, the power situation will be normal once the Udupi unit starts generating power,” said Mr. Srikantamurthy, Executive Engineer (Load Management), CESC, Mysore.

Speaking to The Hindu, Mr. Murthy said there would be one-hour load-shedding in rural areas, while the duration of load-shedding in towns and taluk headquarters is two hours.

“We were giving three-phase power for seven hours earlier in rural areas. Due to temporary load-shedding, the villages are getting three-phase power for six hours besides nine hours of single-phase power during night,” he said.

Taluks and towns are getting power supply for 22 hours instead of 24 hours, due to temporary shutdown, he informed. Mysore city alone needs 110 MW daily during summer while during other seasons the daily requirement is around 90-100 MW, he explained.

CESC has appealed to consumers in its jurisdiction to cooperate, keeping in mind the loss of power generation at UPCL, RTPS and BTPS stations which has led to the unscheduled power cuts. “Until the situation improves, consumers are requested to cooperate with us,” a statement from the Chief Engineer (Electrical), Operation and Maintenance zone, CESC, said here on Thursday.

However, Mr. Srikantamurthy said, “this (load-shedding) is temporary. The situation will improve as the units will start generation in the next couple of days. Three units at RTPS have started generation since Friday morning, and hopefully one unit of the UPCL will function soon.”

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