Farmers unable to sow enough green and black gram to reach the target

There would be a serious shortage in the production of pulses, particularly green and black gram, due to the sharp decrease in the total sowing area of the two crops this year.

Sources in the Agriculture Department told The Hindu here on Saturday that this was caused by rain failure. Farmers were unable to sow enough to reach the target.

As against the target of 40,000 hectares fixed for black gram during kharif season, farmers in the district could complete sowing only on 22,660 hectares (56.65 per cent). Similarly, as opposed to the target for green gram (30,000 ha), farmers could cover only 15,467 ha (51.56 per cent). Now, it is too late to meet those targets.

Farmers are more likely to shift to red gram cultivation rather than try to cultivate sunflower, which is seen as a risky move because of the virus attack on the crops two years back which caused severe losses.

Silver lining

However, widespread rain in the past three days in the district has revived the hopes of red gram growers. So far, out of the total target of 3.65 lakh hectares fixed for red gram, farmers have completed sowing in over 1.46 lakh hectares. The seeds sown in this area were withering due to rain failure and dry winds; but the rain has given them a new lease of life.


Sources said the district recorded a total of 41.1 mm rainfall on July 10, followed by 103.4 mm on July 11 and 164.4 mm on July 12.

All seven taluks experienced good rains on all three days. As of July 12, the district had recorded a total rainfall of 573.4 mm, with Sedam recording the highest (117.8 mm), followed by Chittapur (113.5 mm) and Afzalpur (73.8 mm).

In total, farmers have completed sowing in 2,48,999 hectares of land as against the target of 5,71,200 hectares fixed for the kharif season.

Farmers seem to favour soya bean among oilseeds this season; they have already covered 12,072 hectares with the crop.


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