The much-awaited DNA report on French diplomat Pascal Mazurier was handed over to the city police on Friday around 6 p.m., but police sources termed it “inconclusive”.

Soon after they received the report of the French Consulate official, who has been in judicial custody since June 19 after it was alleged he raped his three-and-half-year-old daughter, the police claimed that they were left with more questions than answers. One officer said that among the many personal items sent for DNA testing, some matched and some did not, due to which it would be difficult to draw conclusions.

The police are now preparing a questionnaire for the DNA lab to ascertain whether there was another person, as all the items do not match with Mr. Pascal. The police are keen to have some answers before July 9 when Mr. Pascal’s bail application comes up for hearing.

The diplomat was accused of rape on June 13, following which, on June 15, the Baptist Hospital confirmed rape. He was arrested on June 19.