This time the Anglo-Indian community wants a leader who is capable of bringing about their welfare, especially educational development, to be nominated to the Assembly from their quota rather than those close to the power centre getting named.

The prominent leaders of the community on Thursday decided to bring about accountability in the political nomination to the Assembly from their quota and formed the “Anglo Indian Nomination Action Committee”.

They want to recommend a panel of names of five prominent personalities from their community to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah so that he can choose one from among them for nomination. As per the constitutional provision, an Anglo-Indian is nominated to the Assembly in a bid to give a representation to this community in the State.

Action committee vice-convener Creswell Weightman told The Hindu that three prominent Anglo-Indian associations, The All India Anglo-Indian Association, The All India Progressive Anglo-Indian Social Cultural Education and Economic Welfare Association and the Anglos United, attended Thursday’s meeting. He said that the panel of names would include community leaders from different regions. All those who attended the meeting were particular that only such leader who can contribute to providing quality education to the youth of the community should get nominated, he said while pointing out that a large number of the Anglo-Indian population is living in poverty.

He said that the community would appeal to the Chief Minister to consider names recommended by them rather than selecting other leaders from the community.

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