Several puja related artefacts were found on Saturday while the mantap was being restored in in front of the Lakshmi shrine in the Vijaya Vittala temple complex at Hampi.

Over 62 items, made of copper and ‘panchaloha’ including idols of Garuda, Anjaneya, plates, utensils, lamps of different sizes, ‘arathi’ plates of various designs, ‘mudra’, bell, conch along with stand, were found on Saturday while restoration work was in progress.

The Lakshmi shrine is located behind the Vittala temple at the Vijaya Vittala temple complex, which houses the musical pillars and the stone chariot, considered as master pieces of human genius. The ancient complex, which is known for its architectural beauty, is one of the major attractions drawing tourists from across the globe.

Enquiries revealed that the workers came across a pot-like structure while digging the place. When they dug the area around it, they recovered more than 62 artefacts.

Sources in the Archaeological Survey of India told The Hindu that archaeological experts, including T.M. Keshav, Hampi World Heritage Site Manager, are expected to visit Hampi shortly to study the artefacts found and give their opinion as to which historical period they belonged to.