There has been no respite from the rain for people in Mysore and surrounding areas.

Although the south-west monsoon withdrew in October, the city continues to be in the grip of wet weather, unusual for this season. Long spells of rain during the night are common, followed by intermittent drizzle during the day. But for a short interlude when the region experienced a few sunny days, this has been the pattern throughout this month.

The Integrated Agromet Advisory Service at Naganahalli has forecast between 17 mm and 27 mm of rain for the next five days, with a minimum rainfall of 10 mm on Saturday. The maximum temperature in the region will hover around 27 degrees Celsius, while the minimum will be around 20 degrees Celsius, according to the service.

In Mandya district, rainfall between 18 mm and 23 mm has been forecast for the next five days. The maximum temperature will be around 30 degrees Celsius, and the minimum around 19 degrees. Moderate to heavy rain, between 18 mm and 24 mm has been forecast for Chamarajanagar district from November 17 to 21. The maximum temperature in the region will be around 27 degrees Celsius while the minimum will be around 20 degrees.

Crops affected

The service has warned that the turmeric crop may be affected with root rot owing to the rain. Late blight of tomato in Mysore and rhizome rot of ginger crop in Hunsur, Periyapatna and K.R. Nagar have been noticed.

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