Several dhabas line the stretch opposite Jakkur Aerodrome, Yelahanka. The rows of quaint wooden cottages look like temporary rural settlements except for the furnishings — one table per cottage complete with a tablecloth and fan.

The only factor distinguishing one from another is the name board identifying each dhaba. The New Inchara Family Restaurant is a notch above the others owing to its sumptuous chicken dishes.

The food acquires an air of desi indulgence as the taste is one of quality ‘nati' chicken as opposed to the ‘farm variety'. A healthy, pure and unadulterated experience is assured.

The chicken manchurian is surprisingly tender with a hint of garlic. Sooley kebab, served on a bed of onion ringlets and sprinkled with shavings of boiled eggs on top is a treat for the senses. The subtly flavoured lemon chicken cooked with rings of lemon makes the succulent meat that much more tasty.

The eatery specialises in north Indian and Chinese cuisines, with a generous amount of spices.

While the non-vegetarian is bound to be pleased, vegetarians will not go away unhappy. The naan and kulcha served here are soft and not chewy. The hot mushroom masala is just the right accompaniment.

The servings here are generous; a quarter of a plate comes with a generous helping. So don't get fooled by the portions mentioned on the menu. Who knows, the ‘appetisers' may be more than enough for lunch!

Keywords: Chinese cuisine


Paper PlateJanuary 13, 2011