The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has sanctioned Rs. 210.08 crore as loan to the State government under Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) XVIII for construction of four polytechnics by the Department of Higher Education (Rs. 21.25 crore) and other development projects.

In a press release here on Friday, NABARD said 71 rural road projects and 45 bridge projects would be executed by the Public Works Department (Rs. 96.06 crore), four fish jetty projects by the Fisheries Department (Rs. 4.75 crore), 93 irrigation projects  by the Minor Irrigation Department (Rs. 36.38 crore), 48 veterinary institution buildings would be constructed by the Animal Husbandry Department (Rs. 9.48 crore), 64 Raitha Samparka Kendras (RSKs) would be set up by the Agriculture Department (Rs. 23.1 crore) and 22 ayacut road projects would be executed by the Water Resources Department (Rs.19.05 crore) in different districts.

These projects were sanctioned by the Project Sanctioning Committee in its meeting held on December 20. With this, the cumulative sanction to the State under RIDF XVIII has reached Rs. 474.75 crore.

Construction of 299.84 km length of roads and 1670.8 metres of rural bridges are expected to benefit 10.73 lakh people in 24 districts, the release said.

The road/bridge projects would connect 683 villages with 258 marketing centres and generate non-recurring employment of 41.05 lakh mandays and recurring employment of 411 jobs a year.

Minor Irrigation Projects (93) in 13 districts would benefit 3457.81 hectares by way of groundwater recharge, increased storage, and restoration of command area and generate non-recurring employment of 11.34 lakh mandays and recurring employment of 170 jobs per year.

The minor irrigation projects would also help increase gross domestic product by Rs. 371.71 lakh a year. Construction of 64 RSKs in 25 districts would benefit 2,823 villages and 48 buildings for veterinary institutions would serve 390 villages in 29 districts, the release added.