Accuses that party of practising double standards

Dubbing Congress as “casteist, communal, sectarian and most corrupt party,” Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday appealed to the people of Karnataka against committing the mistake of voting that party to power.

Addressing an election rally here, he charged that the Congress had failed on all fronts, especially with regard to internal and external security.

Though a bullet-proof enclosure was set up for him on the dais, he addressed the crowd by standing at the centre of the stage

Pointing to the increase in the number of crimes against women in New Delhi, he sought to know whether Karnataka voters were prepared to hand over power to Congress “which could not provide protection to women in national capital, New Delhi.” Describing the Congress as an “embodiment of lies,” he noted that the party had failed to keep its promises made after the Jaipur conclave. The party promised to reduce prices of essential commodities, but that had not happened.

Without naming Rahul Gandhi, he alleged that the Congress vice-president, who had promised that criminals would not be fielded by the party, had gone back on his word, as many candidates with such a background had got ticket in the Assembly elections in the State.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi told her son that “power is poison”, but her son was defying her advice by seeking power in Karnataka, he ridiculed. Accusing the Congress of double standards, Mr. Modi said the party, which was neck-deep in corruption, was criticising other political parties.

Criticising Mr. Gandhi’s reported statement that one individual could not change the world, he sought to know how could Sardar Patel and Lal Bahudur Shastri change things for the country, while his great grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru failed.

Citing the death of two soldiers at the hands of Pakistani troops, the Chinese incursion and other developments, Mr. Modi sought to know whether people deserved a party that sacrificed both internal and external security to come to power in Karnataka.

Make an indirect reference to S.M. Krishna, he said: “it is humiliating that our External Affairs Minister read out a speech of the Foreign Minister of another country.” “The country will develop only if is liberated from the Congress, which has weak leaders without a vision for the country.” he said.