Many people who were upset by the mistakes in the new ration cards issued by the Government demanded for correction in the cards. The cards were distributed in many ration shops on Thursday in Karwar city.

People who had stood in a long queue with all the family members in scorching sun to get photographed by the authorities three months ago were now angry by seeing the mistakes in the cards. Angry people questioned the Revenue and Food Department officials about the mistakes. But the authorities washed off their hands saying that the contract of the preparation of the cards was given to a Bangalore-based private company. “The mistakes were committed by them and not by us” was the common refrain of the government officials.

Many angry people shouted at the representatives of the company and the government officials who had come to distribute the cards.

“My son's name is missing from the card and photograph of my husband is also missing though his name is included. Now everybody is washing off his hand from the mistake,” alleged Jayashri.

Another woman alleged that some other person's photo was in the place of her husband's photo. Her husband's photograph was missing and it was very embarrassing, she said.

Many complained that they had to stand in queues for four days to get photographed.

Children, aged people and ailing persons had to stand in the scorching sun. “We were told that if we failed to get the card, then it would not be issued in future. Now the cards are full of mistakes,” complained many to the media persons.

The private company which had issued the cards said that next month there would be another photo session programme for the people whose cards had mistakes. “We will rectify the mistakes then,” they said.

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