Microsoft opens another window

We’ve seen scores of tech product launches — flashy presentations, models walking down a misty ramp holding tiny cellphones, suave demos a la Steve Jobs, and the works. But software major Microsoft, which is releasing its “game-changing” operating system, Windows 8, decided to add a new twist to the tale with its brand new skit format.

The Redmond-based tech major roped in some known faces from the world of entertainment, wrote a play peppered heavily with as many promotional product references as possible, and put up a show. It had the flavour of an amateur street play, except it was performed in a five-star hotel. The skit was performed by TV anchor Gaurav Kapur, actor Roshan Abbas, and sports show hosts Mandira Bedi and Archana Vijaya.

Though tedious and long, the format took the audience — comprising mainly reporters and bloggers — through the applications, features and offerings of Windows 8.

An app that guides you through the steps of making cocktails, the many, many that allow you to purchase and organise your music, the slick organisers for your email, social networking needs and photographs, and the all-new touch friendly interface; actually, none of the features offered here are brand new.

But what sets it apart and makes the user interface interesting is the neat, visually appealing format called Tiles. It’s very much like Live Tiles, the signature user interface on the Windows phones’ slicker Metro interface. And as senior execs of Microsoft repeatedly pointed out, it’s Microsoft’s official foray into the world of touch-friendly computing.


Speaking to the media later, Microsoft India chairperson Bhaskar Pramanik said the company has tied up with 15 OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to release Windows 8 PCs and tablets. These gadgets are across form factors, that is, ranging from Tablets and Netbooks to large screen personal computers. A few of these were demoed at the launch. In all, Mr. Pramanik said, that over 250 Windows 8 enabled devices are available in India. He called it a “re-imagined Window to the world”.

Windows 8 will be available in two versions at retail, Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro.

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